Shane really listened to what our primary needs and goals were for the project. He came up with multiple designs and options that suited our financial needs, but also provided that gorgeous touch I had been missing.

- Kristen Siu, Thousand Oaks


(1) We keep a direct line of communication between the customer and JDC Inc. to ensure that the customer is happy with the work completed and the finished product.

​ (2) In design, we assess our customer’s needs and desires in an effort to accurately depict a finished product that surpasses their initial vision. ​

(3) In construction, we build a product that mirrors its design and results in a place where customers are comfortable to spend time and happy to call their own.


We meet the customer to gain a complete understanding of their needs and desires for their new space. We identify the space in which we will be working and recognize any surrounding areas of the location that require special attention (i.e. hardwood floors, furniture, cabinets, low ceilings, stamped concrete, flowers/landscape etc.) We create a to scale layout of the new space equipped with the customer’s desires and recommended ideas of our own.

After the initial meeting, a presentation date is set. At the presentation, we give our customers a copyrighted catalog complete with the proposed layout of the new space, 3-D design images, recommended furnishings, materials and paint colors, and an itemized estimate of the cost of the project. After the presentation of the design we will attain feedback, either affirming the design or requiring changes, to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. If changes are required to the project, a new presentation date is set to illustrate the new design. Once an agreed upon design and price is reached, a contract is signed.


​JDC Inc. acquires necessary permits from the appropriate city offices as necessary and when applicable. In addition to the city permits, a Scope of Work is outlined for the customer and all workers on site. This Scope of Work outlines the steps that will take place from demolition to completion of the job. Once all steps are completed, all necessary inspections by JDC Inc. Management and city officials will take place. We request the customers signature upon the final review of city officials or upon the last step in the Scope of work.


Review and Confirm consists of the final walk through between the customer and a JDC Inc. Designer and/or Job Manager. At this point, the final product is completed and ready for full customer use. The job site is broom swept, JDC Inc. materials and tools are collected, and construction debris is removed. Upon the customer’s final review and complete satisfaction of the job, a final signature is received, acknowledging that the job is complete.

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