Tips To Survive and Thrive During Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen-surviveA kitchen remodel can be nothing short of life changing! Kitchens are where we spend most of our time at home — they’re the most used room in houses. (Just google “most used room at home” and have a look at the results!)

(And yes, we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, but . . . we’re usually not awake!)

So while a kitchen remodel can make a big, positive impact in your life, it can also be a bit of a disruption during the process.

Of course, we at Johnson Design & Construction want to the whole process to be as easy for our clients as it possibly can be. That sometimes takes a little ingenuity and perseverance.

We’re always trying to think of ways to help our clients. Here are some tips we’ve gathered on making your kitchen remodel go more smoothly.

1. Dig into your fridge, freezer and pantry! A couple weeks before we start work, it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of food you’re storing in your fridge and pantry. Doing this means less food to move, store elsewhere, and worry about.

2. Plan ahead to take care of kitchen furniture and kitchen “stuff.”
It’s a good idea to have some cardboard boxes to store the contents of kitchen drawers and cabinets. Many clients report that using many little boxes works better than putting everything in a big box or tow — that way you can keep things organized and tidy.
Clear a nearby space to store your kitchen table, chairs, stools, etc. We can help move and wrap furniture to keep it safe.

3. Plan to eat at the houses of family and friends! This may be obvious, but you will be eating outside of your home a bit during your kitchen remodel. In addition to restaurants, it’s a good idea to politely “invite yourself over” to the homes of family and good friends. And don’t worry about being rude, you’ll certainly want to invite them to your home once your kitchen remodel is complete!

4. Sometimes you can find a little space that you can use to prepare simple meals. (A laundry room can work for this — especially if it has its own sink.) Some people prepare meal ideas in advance that they can cook using a toaster, a microwave, or an outdoor barbecue.

5. Keep calm and carry on! (We just made that phrase up — maybe it would look good on a poster or t-shirt?) At JDC, we know that it’s up to us to communicate well and always keep you in the loop. We will do that, and you will see your kitchen transform and become beautiful before your very eyes!

Together we’ll get through the inconvenience and you’ll have a kitchen that you’ll use, love, and thrive in for years and years to come!

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